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Projects I have worked on:
The Future A collection of pictures and descriptions done by students about the future of technology.
Literacy Web Site Lots of thoughts and links about Technology and Literacy in Education
Integration Booklet PDF file. Step by step process for moving toward integration.
Recycling Computers Online PPT presentation about recycling computers.
The Million Dollar Trip WebQuest Jr. High and above WebQuest emphasizing math skills.
USA Adventure WebQuest Upper Elementary WebQuest emphasizing math skills.
Surf'n WebQuest Upper Elementary WebQuest emphasizing reading.
Training Materials for PowerPoint Designed for the eMINTS project
Training Materials for Claris Home Page Designed for the eMINTS project
Parkade Elementary School WebPage School web page done with students
Russell Elementary School WebPage School web page done with students
Learning with Online Projects 1999 Summer Institute course for University of Missouri-Columbia
Learning with Online Projects 2000 (no longer available online) Summer Institute course for the University of Missouri-Columbia
Course:  Leadership in Technology Online course taught through the University of Missouri-Columbia
Central Cluster Web Page for eMINTS 1999-2000 eMINTS Group WebPage
Sample Furniture for Technology Classrooms (no longer available online) Created for the eMINTS project.
Boxing Match Artifacts Class Project-Taking Sides on Educational Technology
Lammer's Video Production Class Project-WebPage for photographer
Technology Plan Class Project
Infrastructure Plan Class Project
School Network Plan Class Project
Research Proposal Class Project-PDF File

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Last Edited March 22, 2006