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Resources that I have created:

The Million Dollar Trip WebQuest

The USA Adventure WebQuest

Surfin WebQuest

Trends in Technology and Literacy Instruction

Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial

Using Claris Home Page in Your Classroom

eMINTS National Center

Some of my Favorite Links:

Web Page Design

ClipArt Connection


David Siegel's Web Site (very creative)

KillerSites (samples)

HTML Goodies


Teacher Resources

My eCoach

The WebQuest Page


Kathy Schrock's Guide to the Internet

Ed's Oasis



Journals Online

Technology and Learning

From Now On


Multimedia Schools


eSchool News Online

Electronic School

T.H.E. Journal Online

Education Week

Online Projects

Learning with Online Projects (My Summer Course)


The Landmark Game

100's Day Project

Journey North

Travel Buddies

Intercultural Email Classroom Connections

Global School Network Project Listing

Online Class


MightyMedia KeyPals

Resources from David Warlick

Personal Interests

Woodcrest Chapel

Rock Bridge Christian Church

Computers for Kids

Prairie Home Companion Joke Show

Amnesty International

Mennonite Central Committee

Bishop Museum-Hawaii


Reciprocal Links

These are links from places that requested that I link back to them. I have checked them out and decided they are worth sharing.

The Degree Jungle - info about online degrees

Masters in Software Engineering

Dog Walking and Puppy Training in the UK

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Last Updated June 2, 2005